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Have we told you we like humor?

What can a trade publication do to make the industry more fun, not to mention stand out from competitors? Two words: jet packs.

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The Team

JC Calcerano

Deputy Chief Humorist

JC was born in a crossfire hurricane. After that, he decided to have his parents raise him in suburban NJ, where he attended the Lawrenceville School. JC then made his way to Georgetown and graduated with majors in theater and history. He has been nominated for the Nobel Prize (prove he wasn’t, nominations are secret). He attempts, often unsuccessfully, to be funny, and his mom thinks he’s really great. As the Deputy Chief Humorist, JC hopes to make Bisnow readers appreciate the inherent comedy in Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities. And he thinks you’re just swell.

Jennifer Zuckerman

Account Manager & Event Producer

Jennifer grew up in Amish Country aka Lancaster, PA. After choosing electricity, she attended the University of Delaware for a fun four years, leaving with a degree in leadership and business. After college, she ended up in the Big Apple where you can often find her eating Mexican food and washing it down with some Froyo. She loves Jimmy Buffet, his tropical vibes and traveling. While channeling this passion for travel, she has been able to see many parts of the world, but her ultimate dream is to lie in field of puppies with some chips and guacamole on the side (she knows it costs extra). While still aways out, she got one step closer by recently adopting a new puppy named Daisy- the cutest little Cavachon to hit the big city. Before Bisnow she was romping around the media world at Hearst Magazines. Jennifer is excited to bring her industry knowledge and bubbly, positive attitude to Bisnow.

Cameron Dwight

Account Manager

Originally from Laguna Beach, CA, Cameron moved to Malibu to attend Pepperdine University, where she received her B.S. in Business Administration. Born and raised in a beach city, it's hard to believe she can count on her fingers and toes the number of times shes been in the ocean. (She suffers from thalassophobia - fear of underwater animals.) Cameron is 1/4 African American and 1/2 Jewish and considers herself "Blewish." After a brief stint in Chicago following college, she returned to LA (probably hoping to forget what snow looks like) and has worked as both an account manager and project manager. Although she comes from a family background in multi-tenant real estate, she only developed an interest in commercial real estate after meeting her husband, a commercial tenant rep broker. (Commercial real estate: bringing families together for centuries.) She has a daughter, Parker, born in 2015, and two French bulldogs named Moo and Stuart. (A French Stuart? Get it?... Doesn't anybody remember 3rd Rock from the Sun?)

Ryan Begelman

Vice Chairman

Ditching car service and an expense account, Ryan traded in his post in acquisitions at The Carlyle Group back in 2009 to spend late nights at Bisnow HQ perfecting his table tennis. From Maryland by way of Chicago where he attended Northwestern and cut his teeth as an i-banker at Deutsche Bank, Ryan sits on Bisnow’s board advising on strategy, finances, and placement of chin-up bars. Ryan also co-founded Summit, an idea festival, in 2008, which Forbes has called “The Davos of Generation Y.” In 2013, Summit acquired Powder Mountain Ski Resort in Eden, Utah. Summit is building a small community on the backside of the mountain that would be the permanent home of Summit and would preserve the character and history of the mountain. Ryan also helps lead Summit's Action Fund, which invests in startups, including Warby Parker and Uber.

Liana Cornacchio

Audience Development Manager & Events Producer

Born and raised in Westchester, New York (where Don Draper neglects his wife and all the crimes are solved by Nero Wolfe), Liana grew up as the 'crazy middle child' with two sisters. She played soccer her whole life and ended up playing at Princeton University (which would indicate to us that she knows a thing or two about Hoagie Haven). Pursuing a B.A. in Philosophy, she did a lot of thinking about the universe, and after four years, concluded that it is very large and confusing. (Why are we here? Or, better yet, why are we not not here...right? Anybody?) Happy to be out of the suburbs and into the dog eat dog world that is NYC, Liana is an avid NY sports fan -- she'd never leave leave before the 9th inning of a Yankee game or before the Knicks got the win (which means she sometimes has to sit at Madison Square Garden for weeks at a time). She joins us at Bisnow doubling as an audience development manager and an event producer.

Jenna Bruce

Business Manager, Denver & Phoenix

Jenna Bruce hails from a small town in Colorado, where the beer flows like wine and the women flock instinctively like the salmon of Capistrano…a little place called Aspen. Skiing from the ripe young age of 2 years old, Jenna has always been a lover of the outdoors and mostly all sports-related activities. When indoors, Jenna enjoys reading, drinking wine and a rowdy battle of Cards Against Humanity (and sometimes watching WWE Divas). Jenna graduated from the University of Colorado (CU—not to be confused with U of C Boulder), majoring in Journalism, and though she loved writing, she decided to pursue other opportunities. She followed her sister to Chicago and there began her career in real estate. She soon fell in love with the sales role and the fact that golf is an acceptable form of business meetings. She’s excited to be joining Bisnow and to be making the move back to CO and her roots. This time, however, she won’t be making the move alone, as she was recently married in Tulum, MX and her wonderful and supportive husband Jake Meilach (also in CRE) will be joining in for the adventure.

Bisnow has spent the last eight years putting humor and fun at the core of its b-to-b media model - and has grown rapidly.

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